Green Business Blog Carnival #28


Welcome the 28th Green Business Blog Carnival! Dealing with modern day’s challenges requires new and innovative solutions from research and – of course – business. This Blog Carnival is a great opportunity to share the most interesting green business ideas, stories and news provided by various writers to ensure great diversity.

The Green Business Blog Carnival runs from blog to blog and last week it was hosted by Calfinder’s Residential Solar Blog. Now, for the first time it stopped at Innovative Industry and we’re very proud to present this week’s edition.

Due to Christmas season blogging activities have calmed down, but there are still some interesting articles worth sharing.

The Green Prophet reported a recent commercial development related to energy storage - a key technology for the sustainable use of energy: Mexico President Felipe Calderon announced last week at the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun, that he intends to support a project by Dubai’s RUBENIUS to provide 1 gigawatt of energy storage in Baja California, that would be used to store wind power to be shipped to the US, as well as to Mexico.

At SUNfiltered you’ll find out about Rob Zombie’s new organic, Fair Trade coffee… a sign that headbangers are an overlooked opportunity for green marketing?

Since Edison’s day, we have been generating electricity in basically the same way: by using massive, centralized power plants. Now, the demand for clean sustainable energy supply at a fairly reliable rate increases. Read at greentechmedia about the future of solar industry.

Biodiesel industry around the world is booming. And in many countries government regulations boost this development tremendously. But besides biodiesel, a vast quantity of glycerol is produced as a side product. What to do with this chemical? Here at Innovative Industry a two part article reports commercially viable, industrial solutions to turn glycerol into green chemicals.

Simply stated, energy management is not a priority for many CFOs. This presents an opportunity for sustainability leaders, since energy management is a rich area of cost savings that can be linked to the strategic benefits of sustainability.

The carnival is hosted somewhere around the web every Friday – bloggers can submit posts for future carnivals at Triplepundit and the schedule for hosting the Green Business Blog Carnival is available at sustainablog.

Merry Christmas

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