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Welcome to InnovativeIndustry.net. The objective of this blog is the contribution to development, industrial application and consumer end-products derived from “clean tech” chemicals, materials and biofuels.

Awareness of the dependence on rising crude oil prices and the increase of global ecological responsibility require new strategies in industrial production. Especially in the field of energy and plastic – which both play a crucial role in modern lifestyle – much effort has been dedicated to new developments. Nevertheless, it is still not enough to handle all the problems we are facing today.

Within the next two decades the energy and raw material consumption will rise by far more than 50% and, as a consequence, will result in exploding costs. This threatens the economic development and therefore global prosperity.

InnovativeIndustry.net is particularly focused on the development and application of industrial relevant bioplastics, biofuels and commodity chemicals derived from renewable resources like industrial waste and biomass. The blog´s emphasis relies upon the report and review of innovative ideas and solutions related to these topics. InnovativeIndustry.net addresses all interested persons from industry, research, trade, supply, manufacturing, recycling and waste management. And it is of course directed to all those who feel the need to update and get informed about the current situation as well as new developments in a rapid changing, new and innovative industry.

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