Biodiesel Drives Your Energy Further

This is a guest post from Richard Kirk. He is an activist in the green movement and enjoys researching and distributing tips and ideas that will help improve the future well-being of our planet.

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from vegetable oils or animal fats.  It is made from renewable sources, burns with less emissions than regular diesel and is biodegradable.  Because we no longer need to mine fossil fuels this source ticks all the right environmental boxes.

Luckily for us, choosing biodiesel also ticks all the right financial boxes, too.  The energy savings for the nation and for the consumer make this an alternative energy source which must be taken seriously.

Biodiesel brings energy savings for the nation:

  • It is far cheaper to create biodiesel than it is to create regular diesel which is a product of crude oil, drilled for and pumped out of the earth.
  • Reduces our reliance on fossil fuels
  • *Reduces our reliance on other countries for their oil supplies.
  • Helps boost employment in the local economy.
  • *Releases no pollutants which need to be cleaned up or managed.
  • Allows farmers to grow crops which will bring them in a regular income.
  • The cost of mining fossil fuels continues to rise so switching to alternative energy sources will reduce costs.

Biodiesel brings energy savings for the consumer:

  • An engine that runs on diesel can run on biodiesel without having to be modified.
  • It needs no special storage facility or refineries.
  • Reduces the cost of ongoing maintenance of your vehicle because it runs  cleaner.
  • Biodiesel is a fuel that can even be made by the end consumer.
  • Some countries offer tax incentives to people/companies that create and use biodiesel.

Gas prices fluctuate depending on the whim of a foreign supplier but we can reduce our expenditure by using a clean, renewable energy source to power our vehicles and machinery.  Choosing biodiesel as your fuel source is a responsible decision with benefits for the environment, the nation and your finances.

Compare gas and electricity suppliers in order to find the best green energy provider available.  This allows you to save money on your utilities and provides customers to the gas and electricity companies trying to make a difference.

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