Bioplastic Made From Whey Protein

In the research for sustainable materials derived by new and green resources, waste and industrial byproducts earn increasing attention. Global industry now turns to large scale implementation of alternative technologies.

Whey, a side product of cheese production, is currently in focus of a group of companies. They intent to produce a whey protein derived bioplastic suitable for food packaging. This biodegradable material is supposed to be air tight and water resistant. About 15 million tons of whey are produced each year by European cheese manufacturers and just a small part is being recovered for food additive production.

The concept of bioplastic derived from whey isn’t really new. But now the involved firms enter the next stage and develop a viable process for industrial large scale production.

Of course, this is not the technology to solve all problems we are facing today derived by fossil fuel polymers. But it can contribute to a sustainable development within a certain niche. And this technology has the potential to turn waste to value.

Watch the youtube video to see more:

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