Beat the Crisis: Invest in Sustainability

Just a few months ago the European Bioplastic Association made a poll among their members regarding green investments. Many companies reported a healthy growth in 2009. Their expectations were fulfilled and sometimes exceeded!

47% of the polled companies, almost the half, reported growth in turnover, 38% could draw level and just 10% reported losses. Generally, a positive trend is seen – not just for this year – but also for the year to come. Due to this prospect, two thirds of the companies will raise their investments.

The trend to substitute fossil based goods with biodegradable materials derived from renewable resources continues and will grow consistently. Currently, bioplastics represent a share of just one percent of the total plastic market, but as the fields of application grow, their economic and ecologic effect will rise to the same extent.

Besides the more or less established use of bioplastics as packaging material they are implemented progressively in durable products of the electronic and automotive industries. Climate protection and reduced spending of fossil fuels contribute significantly to high rates of growth.

Source: European Bioplastics

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