Using Bioplastics: If We Don’t Change The World, Who Else Will?

Facing the challenges of modern days sometimes seems impossible to manage and often request to change our beloved habits radically. But do we want to change modern lifestyle? I guess: no! Amending a convenient lifestyle is probably one of the last things we want to do.

Clean technologies, able to overcome known global threats, like the substitution of fossil based polymers with bioplastics have already been developed. Their industrial implementation into consumer end products is on the rise. What we have to to now is to prefer bioplastic containing goods in our daily buying decisions and thereby influence the direction towards a sustainable future.

I recently published an article about this theme on Ezine. Enjoy reading and come back to comment!,-Who-Else-Will?&id=5428442

Thumbs Up to Bioplastics

Thumbs Up to Bioplastics; Image by: Wiki Commons

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