Lexus CT200h
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The Automotive Industry’s Path to Sustainability

Honestly, when thinking about car makers clean technologies and sustainability aren’t the first thoughts that come into someone’s mind. But times are changing! Besides some efforts in the development of hybrid or full electric cars, currently numerous car producers switch to the implementation of bioplastics into their vehicles and additionally explore the chances of different [...]

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Beat the Crisis: Invest in Sustainability

Just a few months ago the European Bioplastic Association made a poll among their members regarding green investments. Many companies reported a healthy growth in 2009. Their expectations were fulfilled and sometimes exceeded! 47% of the polled companies, almost the half, reported growth in turnover, 38% could draw level and just 10% reported losses. Generally, [...]

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F. Kesselring, FKuR Willich
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Types of Bioplastic

Commonly used types of bioplastics are based on cellulose, starch, glucose and oil. Specific techniques are then employed to convert these feedstocks into thermoplastic starch, polylactic acid, poly-3-hydroxybutyrate, polyamide 11 and biopolyethylene. Starch Today, thermoplastic starch, accounting for about 50 % (some sources state about 80 %) of the global bioplastics market, is the most [...]

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Precision Dice Made From Biodegradable Cellulose Acetate; Image by Roland Scheicher
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Bioplastics – Overview

Bioplastics harness the natural structures such as polymer networks that share the ability to be easily reshaped. Material – scientists are constantly tuning these natural structures to try and better replicate properties like durability and flexibility of conventional plastics. As the awareness of rising oil prices and ecological responsibility increases, global business is now turning [...]

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